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A big big thank you to all

These last few years have been such an eye opener for me, my ignorance to think that we live in a western country and no one goes without food.  I was so wrong to think that as I hadn’t had the knowledge or experience of any family or person who was struggling Then I was given the opportunity to support organisations / food bank and individuals and see the amazing work they do and on the large scale.

I would encourage people to get involved and get a first hand experience and see for themselves how difficult it is for people in 2022 living in our society to even put food on the table for them and there families.

This has been a journey which will not be forgotten and I feel blessed that I’ve been given an opportunity to be involved with the food banks this is due to the nature of my business and being based in the wholesale market with an amazing bunch of people / wholesalers

A big big thank you to all the traders at St James’s Market and all local businesses that get involved with donating whatever they can, they are the unknown heroes that no one gets to hear about, and humble as they are, they carry on supporting without hesitation.

Let’s carry on helping communities that are in need

Header / Footer Lill Brothers of Bradford, West Yorkshire established in the year 1855 are wholesale fish merchants, one of the oldest trading businesses in Bradford. We have expanded our range to include various products like fruit, veg etc all available for local free home delivery