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Lill brothers Fish Merchant located in St James Market in Bradford City West Yorkshire has been a source of great help to the Nigerian Community Association Bradford (NCAB ). Shakil the managing director from Lill brothers, has been donating fresh vegetables, fruits and other edibles fresh foods to our community. The distributions of this fresh foods is not limited to NCAB but to local charities helping families in Bradford and beyond. Families in these communities are experiencing financial hardship during this Covid 19 period are being helped by the provision of fresh vegetables and fruits for their families. They now have fresh vegetables and fruits in abundance through the kindness of Lill Brothers and others, food is collected from Lill Brothers by NCAB president Kike Erinle and distributed every day of the week apart from Sunday.

We receive various different types of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday, so it is a surprise to families what is available on the day.

A huge thank you to Lill Brothers of Bradford

Lill Brothers Charity

Brother Angelo who organised the cooking, freezing and distribution to the poor and needy.  Ge was amazed at the community kindness and really grateful on behalf of those who would benefit from all the food.

Header / Footer Lill Brothers of Bradford, West Yorkshire established in the year 1855 are wholesale fish merchants, one of the oldest trading businesses in Bradford. We have expanded our range to include various products like fruit, veg etc all available for local free home delivery

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