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Dates: The Most Sacred Fruit of Ramadan Food

Dates, a fruit of the tropical and desert climates, has significant importance in Middle Eastern and North African cultures. Most significantly, dates have long known to be the main Ramadan food.

Both dates fruit and date palms have been considered as a symbol of power, triumph, abundance, and faith. A person with good deeds was known to resemble a date palm; as per the Old Testament’s Book of Psalms.

Jesus Christ was welcomed in Jerusalem with men holding date palm branches in their hands. While those who bring dates from Jerusalem are known as “palmers” in Europe.

The importance of dates fruit in Islam is even more substantial. The Quran has mentioned dates 23 times. The Islamic history holds a special place for dates fruit, where it’s known for abundance and wealth. Indeed, dates and date palms are considered as a Sacred fruit by Muslims and a sacred fruit of Ramadan food.

In Arabic, the word for date palm is “nahle” and its fruit is called “tamr.” However, in Turkish, the word for date is “hurma,” because it means “respect” in Arabic. Dates have a very special place in Turkish culture as it is easy to understand the importance of dates fruit from the name.

Desert Delights Dates is one of the most famous and delicious fruit worldwide. This kind of Date like Iranian Mazafati Date because of having high moisture.

A Cure-All Fruit – Health Benefits of Dates

Dates benefits are numerous for humans.  As per the modern medicine, dates have 10 element which are crucial for humans to stay healthy and fit:

  • Dates have fructose as opposed to glucose, which does not add to the obesity.
  • Dates fruit is abundant in Vitamin B6 that soothes the nerves.
  • Dates contain magnesium that strengthens the muscles and is good for pregnant women and to prevent cancer.
  • Dates nutrition is very high. 100 grams of dates has 1.5 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbohydrates and 225 calories. This is why they are beneficial for work that requires physical or mental effort or suffer from exhaustion or weakness due to illness.
  • Dates are also good for anaemia, tuberculosis and bone problems thanks to their levels of phosphorus, calcium and iron.

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